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Altigen NT Server Phone System
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- Altigen Overview
Award winning AltiServ systems feature: Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Automatic Call Distribution, Zoomerang, and One-Number-Access---to name a few. Components include a Quantum board, a NT Server, AltiWare software (Open Edition OE) and optional AltiWare IP and T1.

AltiWare IP also includes all of AltiWare OE’s features--plus integrated Voice Over IP with a Centralized Operator.  Calls received at one AltiWare IP Gateway are routed over an IP network to another receiving AltiWare IP Gateway, capturing voice packets (that have been translated into data packets) and converting them back into voice.  Long distance interoffice calls cost no more than a local call to an Internet Service Provider
- Altigen: NT Server Based Telephony
With over 40% market share, AltiGen is the leading manufacturer of Internet ready telecom servers for small to mid sized businesses. AltiServ gives businesses the choice of placing calls over the Internet or traditional phone lines. Now remote or branch offices can be linked via the AltiWare IP Gateway to save on long distance toll charges. With AltiServ´s future proof business phone system you're ready to meet the Internet communications era head on! The award winning AltiServ system is a complete communications system with... PBX, auto attendant, e-mail, voice mail, Automatic Call Distribution, One Number Find Me, Web based call management, unlimited virtual extensions and the industry's leading telecommuting features.
- OpenPBX Voice Mail
With OpenPBX Voice Mail, you are allowed complete control over your calling environment. You may choose whether you answer with a recorded greeting or a live operator on a trunk by trunk basis. The OPENPBXVM provides a "turn-key" approach to computer telephony. With almost 200 pre-recorded voice prompts and a menu-driven interface, the OPENPBXVM provides ready-to-use autoattendant, voice mail, fax on-demand, fax mail, fax broadcasting, outcall telemarketing and audiotext systems. All voice prompts can be re-recorded for your business (or local language). Up to 9,999,999 mailboxes, extensions, fax documents, and audiotext recordings are supported. Software licenses for 2 or 24 lines in one PC are available.
- AltiWare Software Includes All Common PBX Features Plus:
Phone Set Relocation
Interactive Feature Setup
Virtual Extension
Schedule-Based Call Routing
Extended Caller ID
Basic ACD
One Number Access
- Auto Attendant Features Include:
Multiple Attendant Support
Dial By Name
Phrase Management
8-Level Programmable Menu
Name Directory Service
Direct Station Transfer
- Voice Messaging Features Include:
Reminder Calls
Virtual Mail Boxes
Dynamic Messaging TM
Future Delivery
Priority Delivery
Message Notification
Quick Access Capabilities
- System Administration Features Include:
Access Restrictions
Automatic System Configuration
Remote Maintenance and Administration
- Technical Specifications
12 ports (trunks and lines)
Up to 16 boards/system
6 simultaneous voice-processing resources
- Platform
MVIP Compatible
256 port non-blocking switch matrix
Dual TI Digital Signal Processors
Audio Peripheral Input  Output
Jumper Free Configuration
On-board MWI - 125 VDC
Automatic Power Failure Transfer
- Host Interface
IBM PC/AT ISA Bus Compatible
Requires only 6 16-bit I/O ports/system
Base address 200h - 3E0h selectable
- Trunk Interface
Programmable - Loop/Ground Start
Impedance - Switchable 600/900/Complex Ohms
Ringing Voltage - 40-130 Vrms
Ringing Frequency - 17-33Hz
Digitally Controllable Transmit and Receive Gains
Transformerless Operation
- Station Interface
Impedance - Switchable 600/900/Complex
Fixed 25 mA constant current feed
Over-Current Protection
Message Waiting Indication
Digitally Controllable Transmit and Receive Gains
Transformerless Operation
- DSP Technology
Automatic Gain Control
Silence Detection
Echo Cancellation
32 Kbps ADPCM High-performance Coder/Decoder
DTMF Tone Detection
Standard Call Progress Tone Detection
Bellcore Standard Caller ID Detection
AltiSpan TM Caller ID Generation
- Power/Operating Environment
+5 VDC at .40 mA/board
-5 VDC at 120 mA/board
+12 VDC at 300 mA/board
-48 VDC at 25 mA/station (maximum)
90 VAC at 30 Hz 9-18 mA/station
Operating temperature: 0 o to +50 o C
Storage temperature: -20 o to +70 o C
Humidity: 10% to 80% non-condensing
Form factor: PC (ISA) full size - 13.5 in. long, .625 in wide,
4.5 in. high(not including connector)
- Regulatory Certifications:
FCC part 15 and 68
- Software
Windows NT Operating System, server or workstation
version 3.51 0r 4.0
AltiWare TM Call Processing with:
Calling Party ID
PBX features including One Call Access
Basic ACD (Customer Call Distribution)
Voice-mail with Boomerang
AltiMail TM OPEN Mixed-media Post Office
Third Party TAPI Applications Support

AltiGen´s Internet ready phone system delivers productivity  features on par with fortune 500 companies.


Some of the Basic Features Available in AltiWare Open EditionTM (OE)

Powerful PBX for businesses or branch sites with up to 160 extensions.

Display and Record Valuable Customer Caller ID Information.

AltiWare OE comes complete with voice mail with full functioning Virtual Extensions. Create a personalized voice mail box for special customers, contractors, or off-site workers.

Create Message Only Mail Boxes for important customer information.

Easy conference calling.

With AltiGen's auto attendants your customers know they've reached a successful company. Dial by name, department or through a receptionist.

Station log in or out. Now you can change extension locations by using your phone keypad. No expensive rewiring charges.

Music or message on hold. Message only mailboxes.

Overhead paging support.

Urgent or future voice message delivery.

Call transfer inside or outside the company.

Hands Free Intercom for executive communications.

Multiple call waiting. Choose to have callers hold or send them to voice mail.

Designate or restrict area code access for work groups or extensions.

Speed dial

Industry Acclaimed Telecommuting Features for the Busy Professional

Zoomerang One number call back lets you answer all of your voice mail messages at once. No more entering your password over and over again. You press only one button! Finish responding to one call and you're automatically forwarded to the next. Whether your accessing your voice mail from your car or a country half way across the world, when you return a call it originates from your office phone system so you pay one low corporate rate.

One Number Access will look for you in up to four different places… in your car, your hotel room or your home office. You choose where you want to be! Your customers only dial one number. Let all your calls follow you or designate only special numbers or schedules.

Message notification will page you in the event of an important call. You can also choose to be notified at another number or extension Critical for virtual or offset employees.

AltiReach remote personal call management lets you manage your call settings via a Web browser from anywhere in the world.

Remote voice mail access lets you check, forward and reply to messages anywhere at any time.

Easily attach voice mail messages to email as playable sound files and forward to any one on the Internet.

Customer Call Distribution Gives You the Power of a Call Center in Your Office

Create work groups for sales or customer service, or even create an operator workgroup. When one member is busy the call can automatically be forwarded to the next available work group member or be routed on a round robin basis. Your customers can be played helpful product or service announcements or listen to music as they wait in a call queue.

Create up to 32 work groups with up to 64 members per group. Designate multiple work group membership. Critical for the multitask environment.

Call View and Work group View Java consoles turns your Web browse into a call manager! Gauge calls in queue, average call length and number of calls taken.

AltiServ with AlitiWare OE standards based architecture supports Microsoft standard API´s (application programming interface)

Support for Microsoft's TAPI to integrate with other TAPI based applications and/or AltiWare IP.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Multiple call Waiting

AltiServ with AltiWare IP works with AltiWare Open Edition to provide all of the features shown above in addition to the following features

Network multiple branch offices for huge toll charge savings.

Streamlined dial plans without call delays or complicated dialing sequences. Placing calls with AltiWare IP is virtually identical to using traditional phone lines.

Access branch offices with a 3 digit extension. Network interoffice voice mail.

Choose to place calls using traditional phone lines or over an IP network such as an internal Intranet or a virtual private network.

Administer all networked branch offices from one central location.

Networked offices can have a central operator

Place calls phone to phone or PC to phone using IP.

NetMeeting support with Internet Phone Jack

AltiServ's integrated design produces superior voice quality.

Standards based architecture. H.323 version 2, the international multimedia communications standard.

AltiConsoleTM is AltiGen´s optional software attendant console.

AltiConsole allows your receptionist to answer up to 50 calls with a single analog phone set.

Automatic screen pop on incoming calls.

Caller ID and call status display.

Overhead paging support.

Transfer call to one of up to 16 Auto Attendants. Ideal for shared facilities.

Handle calls using key board short cuts, a phone dial pad or the easy point and click interface.

Schedule AltiServ´s auto attendant to answer calls at any time.

AltiViewTM brings call control to the desk top for quick and easy handling of personal and work group call options.

Listen, skip, delete and scroll through voice mail messages right from your PC desktop or lap top computer.

AltiView integrates with Microsoft´s Outlook directory to provide incoming call caller ID screen pop.

Scroll through saved voice mail messages. Point and click to dial straight from your Microsoft Outlook directory.

Configure call forwarding to up to four different numbers.

Transfer calls directly to a call queue, an auto attendant or voice mail.

AltiView comes with supervisor call monitoring capability.

AltiView can be accessed remotely through the Internet. Simply log in using your IP address.

AltiWare Open Edition

AltiWare IP



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